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Our journey started in the room of a passionate learner, a blogger and a part-time poet. Since his college days, Surya was a Curious Genie, a determined soul who put immense efforts in crafting his networking and storytelling skills. A person who will always intrigue you, excite you and make your story heard, is the kind of a person Surya is. He exuberates confidence with his “never stop learning” attitude, thanks to Ranveer Allahbadia who has been such a beautiful source of inspiration to him. 

We at “Discussions Delivered”  rejoice with extreme responsibility and passion to motivate, inspire and to help you find your true calling with podcasts and content.

It is our mission to foray and to deliver exceptional stories and ignite your curiosity with stories of people and leaders from startups, to the armed forces to education, art, media and fashion space from across the globe and deliver the most well crafted experiences and words of wisdom from across continents.


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Don’t be scared about going wrong, follow your passion, take risks but also identify what all you’re good at and leverage it to build a palace for yourselves!

Major Vandana Sharma

Ex-Indian Army Officer, TEDx Speaker, Co-Founder Stree, Episode-5

We typically regret things we don’t do rather than the things we do do.

There are no guarantees in the startup game but what you do take out of it is that you will be a better person once you face your fears.

Peter Vranes

Co-Founder Nutromics(Australian MedTech Company), Episode-9

The most important thing is to get your mindset right and you will find a way, no matter how difficult it will be, but you will find a way.

Oskar Bader

Founder-DesignWithValue, UI/UX Designer, Episode-11

Our guests come from 7 countries and counting


Storyteller. Podcast Host. Poet and Writer. Traveller

Surya Pasricha is an advertising professional and a BBA Graduate(Class of 2021) from Symbiosis International University.  He is the founder of the Discussions Delivered where he aims to empower individuals especially with stories of exceptional leaders and people from across the globe. On the podcast, he sits down and has chats with people ranging from scientists to entrepreneurs to journalists and philanthropists. 
Surya found a passion for storytelling and writing during his Harvard Conference Days back in 2020 which later turned into a pursuit of excellence and commitment during his stint at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Innovation Bootcamps. 
Throughout the next five years, he aims to develop an army of storytellers, poets, and writers and aspires to become a best-selling author and an educator. 
Through his expertise in personal branding, advertising, and brief experience teaching and educating underprivileged kids, he aims to bring out the best in people and make the world a better place to live in.
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"I believe in the saying that people shine the brightest when they pursue their passion. This is exactly what implies for Surya's podcast. His concept of initiating conversations with people seemed so simple, yet in my opinion, has a profound impact. As a host, Surya displayed a degree of professionalism that allowed him to be immersive, empathetic, but also objective in his questions. The conversation was overall very insightful and enjoyable. His podcasts are not to be missed, they are engaging, informative, but above all authentic."
"Surya knows his stuff when it comes to MedTech and I found the interview to be very insightful. He made the podcast a relaxed experience, very enjoyable."

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